Asphalt Paving Safety

Grand Rapids Asphalt Paving Safety

As an asphalt paving contractor, we do our best to help clients throughout West Michigan.

However, we are also concerned with asphalt paving safety so that preventable injuries don’t occur. Across the asphalt paving industry, companies agree that the best safeguards against injury are having the proper training and experience.

Here are some helpful tips to remember while working an asphalt paving job. These tips are not meant to replace actual training for asphalt paving, but rather are meant to help you remember some important safety tips. At A-1 Asphalt, we are committed to safety. After all, proper rules and regulations create safe job sites for workers.

Prevent Fires

Since asphalt is a material that is stored and used at high temperatures, you must be aware of your surroundings. This includes making sure that flammable objects are far enough away from the job site that they won’t start a fire. Many things can be hazardous during an asphalt paving job, especially sources of ignition. Whenever there is the possibility for sparks, open flames, or electricity, the likelihood of a fire increases. This is why sources of ignition are prohibited from asphalt paving job sites. Even something as small as a lit cigarette butt can be a risk to workers who are paving asphalt. Make sure that all of your workers have been properly trained and are aware of what they should do should a fire occur.

Operate Equipment Responsibly

To operate heavy equipment when working with or maintaining asphalt, workers must have the proper training and experience. For those working around the equipment, they must make sure not to get too close or in the way of the person operating the equipment. While loud equipment is running, it may be necessary to wear hearing protection. All members on the job site should be aware of what heavy paving equipment will be used ahead of time to reduce the chance of injury.

Beware Of Traffic

Working on the side of the road can leave you and your team vulnerable to traffic. In this situation, it is best to remain aware of your surroundings. While most people are responsible drivers, there are always those who may choose to drive while distracted (texting) or drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. By staying alert of your surroundings, you may have enough time to get out of danger and warn your asphalt paving workers should a car get too close.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment is a must for asphalt paving jobs. Employers who refuse to provide their workers with the proper PPE are violating safety regulations set up by OSHA. Employers should also make sure that their workers are wearing the necessary protective gear when the job conditions call for it. PPE significantly reduces the chance of serious injury should something go wrong. With any job in the construction industry, which includes asphalt paving, safety should be the first priority.

At A-1 Asphalt, you can always expect our team to be professional and hard-working. We consider safety to be our first priority with any job, which is why all of our workers have the proper training and experience to work safely on asphalt paving jobs. For more information on how we keep our workers safe, feel free to contact our Grand Rapids asphalt paving experts at (800) 871-4401.