Can I Sealcoat My Asphalt Driveway in the Fall

Can I Sealcoat My Asphalt Driveway in the Fall Grand Rapids Asphalt Paving

Sealant won’t cure properly in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s why it may be difficult to schedule sealcoating during the fall.

But it’s important to remember that each year is different. Sometimes we’re able to sealcoat through September and early October if the temperatures are high enough. Other years, it’s simply too cold to sealcoat and you may have to wait until spring.

Here’s what else you need to know about sealcoating during the autumn months.

You’ll Need to Repair Cracks and Potholes First

Take a good look at your asphalt driveway. If you have cracks and potholes, these will need to be filled before we can start sealcoating. This is because asphalt sealcoating doesn’t repair damage. It’s simply a protective shield against precipitation, UV rays, and automobile fluids.

Filling cracks and potholes will extend your project timeline, which may make it impossible to finish before winter. For this reason, some of our clients choose to postpone asphalt repairs. Another alternative would be to repair cracks and potholes in the fall, following up with sealcoating in the spring.

Your asphalt maintenance plan will vary based on what the current weather conditions allow. As a reputable asphalt contractor, we will only accept a job if the weather conditions are favorable. We’re dedicated to delivering high-quality results every time!

You’ll Need to Sealcoat Before the Leaves Fall

Sealant needs time to set and cure. But it can’t do this if it’s covered with falling leaves. While we may be able to schedule sealcoating during the early fall, you’ll have to wait until spring once the leaves start to drop. Otherwise, the falling leaves will damage the sealant and reduce its effectiveness.

Contractors Are Often Booked Solid

There’s no time to wait! If you’re interested in scheduling asphalt repairs before winter, we recommend calling right away. It’s not uncommon for contractors to be solidly booked during the end of the paving season. The sooner you call, the more likely you’ll be able to schedule repairs before the snow flies.

Sealcoating Will Protect Your Driveway This Winter

It’s always a good idea to repair and sealcoat your driveway before winter. Asphalt contracts in cold temperatures, which can widen cracks and potholes. Once this happens, water can seep into the foundation and cause irreparable damage.

Also, keep in mind that improper snowplowing, snow, and ice can also damage your asphalt driveway in the long term. In general, the more you maintain your asphalt surface, the longer you can expect it to last.

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We can help you set up a maintenance plan so you can continue to use your asphalt driveway for years to come. Our team would be more than happy to help!

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