How to Prepare Asphalt Parking Lots for Winter

How to Prepare Asphalt Parking Lots for Winter Grand Rapids Asphalt Paving

In this blog post, our asphalt paving contractors explain how snow affects your asphalt parking lot and what you can do to prevent damage.

Did you know that asphalt pavement expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures?

This means that freeze-thaw cycles cause asphalt to expand and contract, making pavement vulnerable to cracks and potholes.

If you neglect to repair your asphalt parking lot before the winter, cracks and potholes can grow bigger and allow snowmelt to seep into the foundation to cause permanent damage. Once all the cracks and potholes have been repaired by an asphalt parking lot repair contractor, we recommend asphalt sealcoating to prevent future damage.

Arrange for Professional Snow Removal

Make sure you do your research before hiring a snow removal company. All it takes is one rookie driver behind the wheel to scrape the surface of your parking lot and cost you money in repairs. A professional snow removal company will set the plow blade high enough to avoid damaging the surface of your parking lot. Be sure you also set up markers along curbs and parking lot islands that are high enough for snow plow drivers to see over fresh snowfall.

Stock Up on Salt and Snow Melt Chemicals

As a commercial building owner, it is your responsibility to keep your parking lot safe for employees and customers. Since Michigan weather can be unpredictable, we recommend stocking up on salt and snow melt chemicals so your commercial parking lot remains safe for drivers and pedestrians.

Keeping your asphalt parking lot free of snow and ice will protect you from being liable for wintertime slips and falls. Using salt and snow melt chemicals will also create safer driving conditions for your customers.

Inspect the Parking Lot Drainage System

The drainage system is responsible for making sure water never pools on the surface of your asphalt parking lot. Since it’s not uncommon for snow to melt and refreeze during the winter, you’ll want to make sure your parking lot drainage system is working properly and ready to handle runoff. The last thing you want is for water to overflow from the drainage system and refreeze to turn your parking lot into a skating rink overnight.

The Grand Rapids asphalt contractors at A-1 Asphalt Inc. are proud to offer services that will help your asphalt parking lot survive the upcoming winter. If you are interested in any of our asphalt paving services, be sure to give us a call at (800) 871-4401.