Why Asphalt Driveways Pothole in the Winter

Why Asphalt Driveways Pothole in the Winter Grand Rapids Asphalt Paving

Have you ever wondered why there always seems to be more potholes in the winter? Today, our asphalt paving contractors will let you know how you can maintain your asphalt driveway for many more years to come.

The harsh freeze-thaw cycles in winter are enough to weaken pavement and create potholes in your driveway. There are asphalt driveway repairs and maintenance you can do before the snow flies, like installing an asphalt patch, driveway crack repair, and sealcoating.

How Do Potholes Form in the Winter?

In the winter, the temperature fluctuates enough to make asphalt expand and contract. Potholes are more likely to form when small asphalt cracks and potholes aren’t filled before winter. When the pavement shifts around the pothole or crack, it further damages your driveway. As soon as you notice damage to your pavement, you should call a paving contractor near you for asphalt repair.

Most winter potholes are created when cracks allow water to seep into the foundation. Once this happens, the trapped water underneath the asphalt can freeze, which pushes the surface of the pavement up. When the temperature rises, the trapped ice melts and creates a hollow space between the pavement and the sub-base. The weight of your car is enough to cause the weakened pavement to collapse into a pothole.

How Can I Prevent Potholes From Forming in My Driveway?

Your best chance to fix potholing is before the snow flies. However, a driveway paving contractor will also be able to temporarily fix potholes with cold patch asphalt until the weather is warm enough for asphalt driveway paving.

Once the snow melts, you’ll be able to hire an asphalt contractor to fill potholes and cracks. As an added layer of protection, you may want to consider using a driveway sealer to protect asphalt from UV rays, rain, snow, sleet, and automobile fluids.

An asphalt contractor will be able to explain how winter weather affects asphalt so you can make an informed decision for your pavement. In general, customers who don’t pay for maintenance end up spending more money in the spring to fill in large potholes. In other words, paying for asphalt maintenance saves you money in the long run.

Do I Have to Wait Until Spring to Repair Potholes?

A contractor will be able to use cold patch asphalt for your blacktop driveway. Cold patch asphalt can be installed in cold temperatures. The oils in the cold patch asphalt keep the mixture malleable enough to use in cold weather. While cold patch asphalt isn’t a permanent solution, it should hold until the weather is warm enough to install hot-mix asphalt.

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