Why It’s Better to Remove a Concrete Driveway Before Laying Asphalt

Why It's Better to Remove a Concrete Driveway before Laying Asphalt Grand Rapids Asphalt Paving

While it’s possible to install asphalt over an existing concrete driveway, we don’t recommend it. This is because your new asphalt driveway will need a strong foundation so it can last for years to come. If you’re already willing to invest in an asphalt driveway, do everything in your power to make sure it lasts.

With proper installation, there’s no reason why your new driveway shouldn’t last about 20 years. Start by hiring an experienced asphalt driveway contractor.

Here's why it's better to dig and break up concrete driveways before laying down asphalt.

You’ll Need a Strong Base

The durability of your driveway will depend on the strength of the underlying base. But concrete and asphalt driveway contractors have different techniques for creating strong driveways.

With concrete, a contractor will lay a thicker slab for a durable driveway. But they don’t focus on preparing the base like you would for an asphalt driveway. The stronger the base for your asphalt driveway, the longer it will last.

Your Driveway Will Last Longer

No one wants to pay for asphalt driveway replacement too soon. For this reason, it’s important to dig up old concrete driveways before pouring new asphalt.

Your driveway will last longer if it’s given a stable foundation. Asphalt expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations. As such, concrete can't give it the stable base it needs to stay in good condition.

The condition of your concrete driveway’s base will be a mystery until it’s dug up. Until then, a contractor can’t guarantee that the ground underneath it won’t sink or shift.

You’ll Save Money in Repairs

Paving an asphalt driveway over concrete is less expensive. But it will also cost you more in the long run. Most of our customers prefer to pay more for installation. That way, they don't have to worry as much about future cracks and potholes.

If you opt for laying asphalt over concrete, your driveway may crack and pothole if the ground underneath is shifting or sinking. The best way to save money is to spend a little more on installation and save money on repairs.


Ultimately, the decision to rip up old concrete or pave an asphalt driveway over top is up to you. But we have always felt that informed customers make the best decisions. This is why we are always available to answer your questions.

For some homeowners, the lower cost of installation is worth paving asphalt over concrete. For others, they may choose to remove concrete to ensure the longevity of their new asphalt driveway.

The decision is yours to make.

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