What Maintenance Do Parking Lots Need Before Winter?

What Maintenance Do Parking Lots Need Before Winter Grand Rapids Asphalt Paving

Asphalt parking lots can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. But many property owners underestimate how winter will affect their parking lots. As such, they may notice more cracks and potholes when the snow melts in the spring.

The good news is that we can help you keep your parking lot in good shape for years to come.

Here's what we recommend to protect your asphalt parking lot this winter.


A sealcoat is a protective layer applied to the surface of asphalt pavement. This protects it from rain, snow, sleet, UV rays, and automobile fluids.

The best way to repair pavement is to make sure repairs aren’t needed in the first place. Sealcoating protects your asphalt parking lot and gives it a rich dark color.

Depending on how much traffic you get, you may need to schedule sealcoating every two to three years. This is something that'll need to get done before the leaves start to fall.

Crack Filling

Fill any asphalt cracks as soon as you notice them in your parking lot. If left alone, cracks will widen and deepen. Then, water will be able to seep into the foundation to cause permanent structural damage to your lot.

In the winter, any water that gets trapped under the surface of your parking lot will freeze. This can create the perfect conditions for potholes to form.

Parking Lot Sweeping & Cleaning

Do you have a lot of litter, dirt, and automobile fluids in your parking lot? If so, consider hiring a parking lot sweeping company. They'll make sure your parking lot always looks clean and professional.

It’s not uncommon for puddles of automobile fluids to accumulate on the surface of your parking lot. Over time, automobile fluids start to deteriorate the surface of your asphalt pavement.

Sealcoating helps protect your pavement from automobile fluids. But you should still clean up any drips or spills as soon as possible.

Prohibiting Non-Passenger Vehicles

Most parking lots were not engineered to support the weight of non-passenger vehicles. For example, semi-trucks add a lot of stress, weight, and pressure to your parking lot. This can lead to needing to replace your parking lot well before the end of its natural lifespan.

Our advice is to re-route non-passenger vehicles to roads designed to support their weight. This will also free up your parking lot for passenger vehicles.

Repainting Pavement Markings

Is the line striping in your parking lot faded? If so, vehicles in your parking lot may be more prone to door dings. Without proper line striping, it's difficult for drivers to determine where to park. Faded pavement markings also create a hazardous environment for pedestrians.

Always make sure that traffic arrows, crosswalks, and other markings are visible. Snow and ice can be tough on paint. This is why we recommend having pavement markings repainted as needed.

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