Should I Replace or Repair My Asphalt Driveway?

Should I Replace or Repair My Asphalt Driveway? Grand Rapids, MI

Is your asphalt driveway starting to deteriorate? If so, it’s time to request a free estimate from our asphalt driveway paving contractors in Wayland, MI. Signs that your asphalt driveway is failing include alligator cracking, as well as deep cracks and potholes. You’ll also need to replace your driveway soon if it’s reaching the end of its natural lifespan, which is typically 20 years with proper maintenance.

Here’s what you need to know about the differences between asphalt driveway repair and replacement.

Alligator Cracking

As the name suggests, “alligator cracking” is asphalt cracking that resembles the scaly back of an alligator. Despite the “cute” name, alligator cracking shouldn’t be ignored because it’s a sign that the foundation is compromised.

If you absolutely don’t have the money for driveway replacement, we can repair the cracks. However, the foundational damage will still be there to cause more cracking in the near future. In other words, driveway crack repair is not a permanent solution for alligator cracking.

If you see alligator cracking in your driveway, call our asphalt contractors as soon as possible. We can determine the extent of damage so you can make an informed decision for your asphalt driveway. Driveways with alligator cracking should be replaced as soon as possible, especially before it becomes too cold to pave.

Shallow Cracks and Potholes

Asphalt expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures, weakening pavement. This is why we generally recommend driveway sealcoating. Sealcoating protects your driveway from rain, snow, sleet, UV rays, and automobile fluids. Before driveway sealcoating, we’ll need to fill cracks and potholes so the sealer can create a strong bond with the asphalt.

Deep Cracks and Potholes

Our asphalt driveway contractors can fill minor cracks and potholes. However, a deep pothole may be a sign of larger issues. If a pothole is deep enough, it can trap rainfall for days and allow it to seep into the foundation. Once the foundation is compromised, you’ll notice more cracks and potholes.

We highly recommend that you repair asphalt cracks and potholes before winter. The harsh freeze-thaw cycles can force pavement to expand and contract, creating more cracks and potholes. If you have a lot of cracks and potholes, there may be something wrong with your driveway’s foundation.

Frequent Driveway Repairs

It’s normal to schedule an asphalt driveway repair once in a while. A certain amount of asphalt repair is expected and necessary to help your driveway last for decades. However, you’ll want to call one of our asphalt contractors if you need frequent driveway repairs.

While a driveway repair costs less in the short-term, frequent repairs can quickly drain your finances. It doesn’t make sense to sink a lot of money into a driveway that’ll need replacing within the year. In this situation, we would recommend that you replace your asphalt driveway as soon as possible.

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